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Because there's nothing luxurious about harmful ingredients.
About Akuson

The global cosmetic products industry, valued at $530 billion, knows an opportunity when it sees one. It has been known not to shy away from using ingredients that have been linked to cancer, reproductive and developmental issues, respiratory problems and hormonal disruption.

That’s why we’re taking a different approach. Our mission is to provide women across the globe with safe and ethical personal care products.

Our mission is to provide women across the globe with safe and ethical personal care products.

Because we believe that everyone has the right to feel strong, confident and happy.

Unfortunately, millions across the globe still suffer from skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea. In many cases, dehydrated and malnourished skin are part of the underlying issue, causes or aggravating the symptoms.

At Akuson, we work hard to develop skincare products that tackle the root cause of these issues. for a truly healthy and radiant skin. 

We choose to use only 100% natural and organic ingredients so that you can safely use our products without having to think twice about your health. That’s the Akuson Promise.

Akuson is proudly based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and complies with strict EU laws and regulations as they relate to cosmetics and personal care products.

The EU has banned or restricted more than 1,300 chemicals (versus a mere 11 in the United States), that may be present in cosmetics and other personal care products manufactured in the US and elsewhere – including known carcinogens and other harmful ingredients that may provide health risks.

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