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Akuson’s Kanzen Dual-Action Skin Care Routine Sets Forth A New Generation Of Clean & Safe Luxury Cosmetics

Akuson Products Are 100% Natural & Ethical & Contains Zero Harmful Chemicals

(Amsterdam, Netherlands – 31 July, 2019) Akuson, a luxury personal care brand based out of Amsterdam has launched the Kanzen dual-action skin-care routine that involves two brand new products, a deep exfoliating body scrub called ICHI and a nourishing body serum called NII. The Kanzen experience establishes a new category of clean cosmetics that brings a ‘Pure & Natural’ luxury experience. 

Akuson believes every individual has the right to feel strong, confident, and happy. Unfortunately, millions across the globe suffer from persistent skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and rosacea. In many cases, these conditions can be improved with the right kind of nourishment to the skin. And Akuson’s Kanzen routine was developed to rejuvenate an individual’s skin in two simple steps. 

The Kanzen dual-action skincare routine is inspired by the Japanese concept of minimalism. It consists of two products, a Deep Exfoliating Body Scrub ICHI, and a Nourishing Body Serum NII. Together they form the ‘Kanzen’ experience. ICHI gets rid of dead cells and toxins from an individual’s skin while NII nourishes and softens the skin with a rich extract of vitamin E, K, and fatty acids. This two-step process is designed to retain the skin’s elasticity and vibrancy. 

There’s nothing luxurious about harmful ingredients. So, Akuson is built on the concept of ‘Natural Luxury’. Akuson products are made of 100% natural and organic ingredients. Its products do not contain any toxic chemicals, fragrances, or GMOs and adhere to the EU’s strict laws and regulations. Some of the harmful chemicals found inside cosmetic products are said to be linked to cancer, reproductive and development issues, respiratory problems, and even hormone disruption. 

Akuson products are 100% safe and ethical. That means no animal cruelty, no toxic chemicals, no parabens, no nano-particles, no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or colors. Akuson products are environment-friendly too and come in unique recyclable glass containers. 

"For too long, the $500+ billion-dollar, mostly unregulated global cosmetics market has gotten away with attaching a sense of luxury and quality to products that contain potentially harmful chemicals. That's why we're truly proud to introduce Akuson as a line of safe, ethical, and effective personal care products without compromising on luxury and quality."

Miriam Khalladi - Founder

Akuson’s Kanzen dual-action skincare routine is available invite-only, exclusively via their official website. To read more about the Kanzen Experience, head over to its official website here

Press Kit can be found here. 

About Akuson

Akuson is a luxury personal care brand based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The brand is on a  mission to provide women across the globe access to a new generation of ‘Safe & Ethical’ personal care products. 

Only 100% natural and organic ingredients are used in Akuson products to ensure customers never have to think twice about their health and safety. And that’s the Akuson Promise.

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